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Discover new ways to work with documents

An archive in your pocket

Unlimited search. List your documents, order a single original or the whole binder/folder. Simply log into i-Archive and place your order ...

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An archive in your lap

You can work with previously scanned documents, which will be available at any time and on any device. See for yourself how quickly you can use an electronic archive. All office documents in one place…

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An archive at your fingertips

Use e-Reception desk to manage document workflow at your office. You can work anywhere, on any device, being able to check what documents have been added to the archive on a given day, what documents—and how many—have been dispatched to your clients, how many invoices have been issued…

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An archive just a click away

Secure your most valuable data. Store your backup tapes in a secure location. Use our IT-Archive service to order quick and secure pick-up and delivery of tapes to and from your office at the click of a button…

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Why Libris?

A modern workflow means greater convenience and usability. We will take care of all your document-related tasks and give you instant online access to your data.
Document management can be fast and secure. Our technology ensures the highest level of security of document storage, both in paper and digital form.
Our innovation goes beyond great applications and devices. We will help you manage the ever-growing amount of data and documents. In the digital business world we take care of every sheet of paper that contains valuable information.
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